Our Growers

Alliance Fruit has been established as an independent platform whose vision is to use the expertise of its grower shareholders, combined with a highly skilled management team, to place its produce internationally and domestically, in the most cost efficient and transparent manner and in doing so, allowing its grower shareholders to expand their operations and productive capacity, without limitation.

For more than 60 years, Copefrut has been able to face the challenges of agribusiness, innovating and breaking paradigms in order to share the best fruit products.

In the beginning, a group of producers from the Curicó area came together to market and export fresh fruit from the fields of the Central Valley of Chile to the world. Since then, the collaborative spirit, confidence and a lot of professionalism has allowed us to innovate and grow to share our wonderful fruit.

A company with a great trajectory in the national market of more than 119 years of history. We have a heritage close to US $ 182 MM. 
More than 20,000 clients have placed their trust in their Life Annuities, Brokers and Factoring solutions. 

Our Insurance Company has an AA- Rating with stable trend according to the Humphreys classification and is classified as AA with stable trend according to ICR.

Groep 91 Uitvoer produces and exports the finest quality Lemons, Grapefruit, Valencia Oranges and Macadamia nuts South Africa has to offer.

Situated along the fertile banks of the Letaba River, Groep 91 produces some of the finest export quality Lemons, Grapefruit, Valencia Oranges and Macadamia nuts South Africa has to offer. We farm approximately 750 hectares of citrus and 150 hectares of Macadamias, all under irrigation. Total annual production exceeds 35 000 tons annually. 

Mouton Citrus is proudly owned by the Mouton family and its empowerment partners, including Mgro – an empowerment company representing our employees.

We strongly believe in creating a culture of acceptance of ownership at all levels of the organisation. Since 1985, there has been a conscious drive to empower core personnel at all levels of the organisation, through selection, training, leadership development, management participation and acceptance of ownership. 

Nestled away in a quiet corner of the Elgin-valley, behind the back of the Kogelberg mountain range that beats away the Atlantic Ocean in False Bay, lies the twin farms, Remhoogte and Somersfontein.

Straddling the Klein-Palmiet river, these farms are abuzz with activity all year round to produce the finest harvest of international export quality. From the tree to the table in  London, Lagos en Kuala Lumpur, you can be assured our apples and pears are good to the core.

Remhoogte has more than 275 000 trees on nearly 300 hectares planted on unique soil type combinations. These trees yield 16 000 tonnes of fruit per season, providing seasonal jobs to 820 people and permanent jobs to 70 people.

We are one of the larger producers of fruit in South Africa. With seven different apple cultivars and three pear cultivars, our variety is suited for the export market, as well as to withstand the harsh African conditions.

At Core, we believe that business transparency is the key to building strong and long-term relationships with clients.

Through experience and understanding of the fruit industry, we are able to provide every client with smart, innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit your needs.

Good Hope Fruit was established in 1991 as a dedicated marketer of Citrus for a group of discerning growers that wanted to export their fruit.

When the fruit industry de-regulated in 1997, it pathed the way for further expansion and various other fruit groups were added to our local and export offering. Today we grow more than 50 different varieties of Pome Fruit, Stone Fruit and Citrus and serve more than 100 clients in 22 countries through 80+ different ports. We truly operate in a Global environment.

San Clemente’s philosophy is that success starts form the orchards. Ovalle, Marchihue, San Clemente and Angol were selected as growing areas for the company’s apples, grapes, cherries, avocados and clementines because they are world accepted as being among Chile’s leading growing areas for the respective fruits.

Exports to the 5 continents with offices in China, USA and Europe. We work with the main retailers, supermarkets and whole markets focused on delivery premium quality fresh fruit. 

Their products are 100% naturals, without additives and sugar looking to serve naturals ingredients for any kinds of applications.

Established in 1942, The Piet Engelbrecht Trust is a grower, marketer and exporter of premium quality, fresh citrus fruits.  

Situated in the Marble Hall area of the Limpopo Province in South Africa, the main crop on our 400+ hectare farm expanded in the 1980’s to include oranges and then once again in 1995, to include lemons.

Today they offer a wide range of citrus fruits and are continually seeking out new citrus fruit varieties and cultivars to add to our selection.

Thinus Maritz (Pty) Ltd was established in 1965 and has been a proud family business for the past 50 years. It consists of farms situated in Marble Hall and Vaalwater.
In Marble Hall potatoes, cotton, table grapes, citrus and soft citrus are cultivated.
In Vaalwater tobacco, potatoes, maize, watermelon and groundnuts (peanuts) are cultivated.

Other Growers

Beli Farming
Christi Landman Boerdery