From the 08th April 2021 it was announced that entry into Oman will be restricted to only Omani citizens and residency holders. Other lockdown/ restrictions within Oman has been implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19 . On Wednesday, 07th April 2021, Qatar also announced the re-implementation of strict lockdown/restrictions to try and curb the recent coronavirus surge. These new lockdown restrictions come at a bad time in light of the Holy month of Ramadan starting on the 12th April 2021.  In general, the market and sales remain slow in the GCC countries and the market remains under pressure for most commodities. Most retailers and wholesalers are complaining that stock is not moving.

In Dubai, Retail supermarkets are running promotions for Ramadan to try and boost sales.  The wholesale market started strong this week as a result of the delay caused by Evergreen.  However, price levels did not hold as too much fruit was released into the market too early.

In South Africa, the on-going crisis in light of the equipment shortages across all shipping lines is creating a logistical nightmare. Cold stores are running at full capacity as they can’t get their fruit into containers fast enough.  

To add to the shipping crisis are the delays/congestion expected after the re-opening of the Suez Canal and the bunching of vessels as a result of the Ever Given that ran aground and blocked trade routes for six days.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 84.72 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 74.85 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 14.59 ZAR (South African Rand)


The first packing of Star Ruby and Soft citrus has started in the Northern areas. The total estimated crop on Grapefruit is expected to be up by 16% this season and Soft Citrus is expected to be up 29% this season, however the total estimate on Soft Citrus will be revised due to the drought experienced in the Patensie area.

The latest update on Lemon inspections passed for export YTD by the end of week 13 was up by 12% to all countries and 5% to the Middle East.

Market update

Increase in price levels of lemons in the GCC countries and this can be contributed to pre-Ramadan sales. 

The GCC countries are currently supplied with Soft Citrus from Egypt and Morocco as Spain finished earlier this season.  Egypt is at the tail-end of their Nadorcott season and although Morocco is still in the market, the quality isn’t the best.

Market Prices

CountryVarietySelling Prices week 12Selling Prices week 14
Lebanon Navels (6kg)$3.62 (Kuwait)$3.62 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (7kg)$5.28 (Kuwait)$4.94 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (7.5kg)$6.40 – $7.20 (Jeddah)$6.67 – $7.73 (Jeddah)
Syria Navels (7kg)$3.79 (Kuwait) 
SpainLane Late Orange (9kg)$9.33 – $10.13 (Jeddah)$10.13 – $11.47 (Jeddah)
Spain Navels (9kg)$6.81 (Dubai)$6.81 (Dubai)
Lebanon Navels (14kg)$10.24 (Kuwait)$10.24 (Kuwait)
Syria Navels (14kg)$11.90 (Kuwait)$8.59 (Kuwait)
Spain Navels (15kg)$11.90 (Kuwait)$8.59 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (15kg)$11.90 (Kuwait)$8.59 (Kuwait)
TurkeyLemons (5kg)$1.97 (Kuwait)$1.97 (Kuwait)
TurkeyLemons (10kg)$6.93 (Kuwait)$6.10 (Kuwait)
ChinaLemons (15kg) cnt 100-113$15.20 – $16.00 (Jeddah)$19.47 – $20.80 (Jeddah)
TurkeyLemons (15kg)$8.99 – $10.08 (Dubai)$8.99 – $10.08 (Dubai)
TurkeyLemons (15kg)$13.55 (Kuwait)$11.90 (Kuwait)
EgyptLemons (15kg)$11.07 (Kuwait)$11.90 (Kuwait)
EgyptLemons (15kg) cnt100/113/125/138$12.80 – $14.67 (Jeddah)$13.33 – $16.00 (Jeddah)
RSALemons (15kg)$17.69 (Kuwait)$17.69 (Kuwait)
RSALemons (15kg) cnt 113/138/162$17.33 – $18.67 (Jeddah)$20.80 – $22.67 (Jeddah)
RSALemons (15kg)$18.00 (Dubai)$17.65 – $19.00 (Dubai)
LebanonValencias (5kg)$1.00 (Kuwait)$1.14 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (7.5kg)$2.79 (Kuwait)$1.97 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (15kg)$6.10 (Kuwait)$6.93 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (15kg) cnt 72-100$4.53 – $6.67 (Jeddah)$6.13 – $8.53 (Jeddah)
LebanonSoft Citrus (5kg) – Nova$1.14 (Kuwait)$2.30 (Kuwait)
EgyptSoft Citrus (8kg) – Nova$2.79 (Kuwait)$3.62 (Kuwait)
AustraliaSoft Citrus (10kg)$6.93 (Kuwait)$6.93 (Kuwait)
MoroccoMandarin (10kg)$16.00 – $17.33 (Jeddah)$16.00 – $17.33 (Jeddah)
MoroccoSoft Citrus (10kg)$8.59 (Kuwait)$7.76 (Kuwait)
PakistanSoft Citrus (10kg)$5.28 (Kuwait)$5.28 (Kuwait)
PakistanMandarin$4.90 (Dubai)$4.90 (Dubai)
TurkeySoft Citrus (10kg)$6.93 (Kuwait)$8.59 (Kuwait)
SpainSoft Citrus (10kg)$5.28 (Kuwait)$6.93 (Kuwait)
TurkeyGrapefruit (7kg)$8.59 (Kuwait)$5.28 (Kuwait)
TurkeyGrapefruit (15kg) $15.21 (Kuwait)


Although the GCC countries were oversupplied with summer pears from South Africa, there has been less pears sent to the Middle East in weeks 11-13 compared to the same

Period last season and price levels have already started to increase in the GCC countries.

Apple inspections passed for export was up 11% by the end of week 13, however pears inspections are on par compared to the same period last season.

Shipped YTD from South Africa

Apples to the Middle East – Increase of 12% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Pears to the Middle East – Decrease of  5% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Market Prices

CountryVarietySelling Prices week 12Selling Prices week 14
ItalyGranny Smith (18kg)$31.76 (Kuwait)$31.76 (Kuwait)
SerbiaGranny Smith (18kg)$28.46 (Kuwait)$31.76 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceGranny Smith (18kg)$23.35 – $23.60 (Dubai)$24.45 – $24.70 (Dubai)
ItalyGranny Smith (18kg) cnt 100/113/125$21.60 – $22.67 (Jeddah)$20.00 – $21.33 (Jeddah)
ItalyGolden Delicious (18kg) cnt 100/113/125$22.67 – $23.47 (Jeddah)$22.13 – $22.67 (Jeddah)
FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$26.14 (Kuwait)$25.14 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$25.25 – $25.80 (Dubai)$25.25 – $25.50 (Dubai)
USARed Delicious – PR (18kg)  cnt 100-113$28.00 (Jeddah)$28.00 (Jeddah)
USARed Delicious – XF (18kg)  cnt 100-113$24.53 – $25.33 (Jeddah)$24.53 – $25.33 (Jeddah)
USARed Delicious (18kg)$25.14 (Kuwait)$25.14 (Kuwait)
ItalyRed Delicious (18kg)$25.14 (Kuwait)$25.14 (Kuwait)
ChinaFuji (18kg)$16.86 (Kuwait)$17.52 (Kuwait)
UkraineRoyal Gala (18kg)$24.31 (Kuwait)$25.14 (Kuwait)
SerbiaRoyal Gala (18kg) $25.14 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceRoyal Gala (18kg)$25.00 – $25.25 (Dubai)$24.45 – $24.70 (Dubai)
ItalyRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 100 – 138$24.53- $26.13 (Jeddah)$25.87- $27.47 (Jeddah)
ItalyRoyal Gala (18kg) $25.96 (Kuwait)
USARoyal Gala (18kg) $27.62 (Kuwait)
UkraineRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 113-125$23.00 – $23.25 (Dubai)$22.30 – $22.55 (Dubai)
New ZealandRoyal Gala (18kg)$28.45 (Kuwait)$26.79 (Kuwait)
RSARoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 120$24.45 – $24.70 (Dubai)$24.00 – $26.25 (Dubai)
RSARoyal Gala (18kg)  $26.13  – $26.67 (Jeddah)
ChileRoyal Gala (18kg) $28.45 (Kuwait)
TurkeyPears (4kg)$5.28 (Kuwait)$5.28 (Kuwait)
SpainPears (8kg) $15.21 (Kuwait)
RSARosemarie Pears (12kg) cnt 90/96/112/120$12.80 – $14.40 (Jeddah)$14.67 – $16.53 (Jeddah)
RSARosemarie/Forelle Pears (12kg) $15.21 (Kuwait)$14.38 (Kuwait)
RSARosemarie Pears (12kg) $13.60 – $13.85 (Dubai)$16.30 – $16.55 (Dubai)
RSASempre Pears (12kg) cnt 90/96/112/120$10.13 – $11.47 (Jeddah)$12.00 – $13.86 (Jeddah)
RSASempre Pears (12kg)$15.21 (Kuwait)$12.72 (Kuwait)
RSASempre Pears (12kg)$11.00 – $11.25 (Dubai)$13.60- $13.85 (Dubai)
ChileCoscia Pears (8.2kg)$17.00 – $17.25 (Dubai)$14.40 – $14.65 (Dubai)

Grape, Stone & Kiwi Fruit


South Africa has finished packing grapes for the season and despite a slower start to the season, volumes are likely to exceed the recent estimate.  At the end of week 13, South Africa exported 67.9 million cartons compared to 61.4 million cartons in 2020.  Total export volumes are still to be announced at a later date.

Chile are at the tail-end of their table grape season and have 2-3 weeks left of packing.

Market update – Chilean grapes

Middle East – Decrease of 32% on cumulative volumes shipped by the end of week 14 compared to the 2020 season.

An increase in price levels of  Red Globe grapes from Chile in the GCC countries and can be contributed to pre-Ramadan sales. 

Stone fruit

Plum inspections passed for export were up 65% by end of week 13 compared to the same period last season.

Continued downward pressure on price levels in the GCC countries due to an oversupply of plums from South Africa in the market. However, in Saudi Arabia there has been an increase in the price levels for plums from South Africa during week 14 and this can be contributed to pre-Ramadan sales, however in Dubai prices levels remain low.

Shipped YTD from South Africa

Plums to the Middle East – Increase of 55% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Market Prices

CountryVarietySelling Prices week 12Selling Prices week 14
ItalyKiwi (3kg)$7.35 (Dubai)$7.60 (Dubai)
IranKiwi (10kg) $10.60 (Dubai)
RSAPlums ( 5 kg)  – Red and Black$5.45 (Dubai)$5.00 (Dubai)
RSAPlums (5kg)$6.10 (Kuwait)$5.25 (Kuwait)
RSAPlums – Yellow$7.60 (Dubai)$7.60 (Dubai)
AustraliaNectarines (10kg)$43.34 (Kuwait)$46.65 (Kuwait)
RSANectarines (3kg)$5.28 (Kuwait)$3.62 (Kuwait)
RSANectarines$7.45 (Dubai)$5.00 (Dubai)
RSAPlums Fortune (5kg)$5.60 – $5.87 (Jeddah)$9.60 – $10.13 (Jeddah)
RSAPeaches$10.00 (Dubai)$11.40 (Dubai)
AustraliaPeaches (10kg)$43.34 (Kuwait)$46.65 (Kuwait)
RSARed Seedless$11.40 (Dubai)$8.00 – $11.40 (Dubai)
ChileRed Globe (8.2kg) $21.33 – $21.87 (Jeddah)
RSABlack Grapes$8.00 (Dubai)$8.00 (Dubai)
RSAKeitt  Mango (4kg)$8.00 (Dubai)$7.00 (Dubai)

India / Bangladesh


India broke the 100 000 cases of Covid-threshold. This has caused them to close most cities again. Mumbai in full lockdown and Delhi have night curfews again. Fruit sales were picking up but due to the new lockdown rules most sales have stopped again. India also experiencing supply interruptions from all countries due to limited equipment problems. Dubai dumping the Indian market with cheap South African plums.


Bangladesh has reverted to stricter lockdown measures, as well as quarantine regulations for inbound travellers, all due to an increased spread of the virus. 

This has naturally slowed movement within in the market, although one is hopeful that the onset of Ramadan will encourage and improvement in sales.

The port continues to operate and containers are being cleared, however with reduced operating hours.

Oranges are proving to be the preferred commodity on the markets, and managing to hold out as the “least slow-moving” amongst it’s fruity contemporaries.

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