The ongoing increase in freight costs from South Africa together with equipment and space constraints from all shipping lines as well as the volatility of the Rand is making this a very tough season for both the grower and the customer having to absorb these higher costs.

Justin Chadwick (CGA Director) stated: The South African citrus prediction still sits at about 160 million cartons –and since the South African citrus season is about 160 days long this means that one million cartons have to pass through the logistics chain every day!

Overall, the Middle East market remains slow and is only expected to start picking up from the 10th of July for pre-Hajj/Eid-al-Adha celebrations to be held from 17-22 July 2021.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 84.70 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 73.00 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 13.53 ZAR (South African Rand)


Citrus – South Africa

All South African orange varieties (Valencia and Navel), in all areas, currently seem to be peaking on sizes 72/88.

Cambria Late Navel oranges will start in week 25 from the Northern areas in South Africa, whereas Eastern and Western areas will only start picking/packing Cambria in week

Two-thirds of this year’s South African grapefruit crop is now packed and passed for export, as are almost half of the 2021 lemon crop.

Market update: Due to the high volume of good coloured Egyptian Valencias in the market and at low price levels, the GCC countries will only start taking valencias from South Africa at the beginning of July (limited volume) and will start increasing volumes from Mid-July due to Egypt still packing until the end of June. South Africa will not be able to compete with Egyptian Valencias in the market at these low price levels.

The continued market pressure and decline in price levels of Lemons in the GCC countries are due to an overall increase of South African lemon production volumes and 900k cartons being shipped in one week (week 16).   Dubai is also re-exporting lemons to Jeddah.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 22Selling Prices week 23
Egypt Navels (7kg)$3.65 (Kuwait)$4.48 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (15kg)$11.13 (Kuwait)$11.96 (Kuwait)
RSA Navels (15kg)$13.63 (Kuwait)$13.63 (Kuwait)
RSA Navels (15kg)$11.72 – $13.75 (Dubai)$12.26 – $13.08 (Dubai)
TurkeyLemons (15kg) $7.81 (Kuwait)
RSALemons (15kg)$8.31 (Kuwait)$8.47 (Kuwait)
RSALemons (15kg)$8.17 – $11.00 (Dubai)$8.17 – $11.00 (Dubai)
RSALemons (15kg) cnt 138/162/189$11.44 – $12.26 (Jeddah)$9.07 – $9.87 (Jeddah)
LebanonValencias (5kg)$2.32 (Kuwait)$2.49 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (7.5kg)$2.99 (Kuwait)$2.99 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (15kg) cnt 72-100$6.67 – $9.33 (Jeddah)$7.47 – $9.87 (Jeddah)
EgyptValencias (15kg)$8.99 (Dubai)$8.17 (Dubai)
EgyptValencias (15kg)$6.64 (Kuwait)$6.98 (Kuwait)
EgyptSoft Citrus (8kg) – Nova$3.32 (Kuwait)$3.82 (Kuwait)
PakistanSoft Citrus (10kg)$6.14 (Kuwait)$6.14 (Kuwait)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) – Clementine$10.90 – $11.40 (Dubai)$10.90 – $11.40 (Dubai)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) – Nova$11.72 – $12.25 (Dubai)$11.40 – $12.80 (Dubai)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) – Nova $13.33 – $14.67 (Jeddah)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg)$13.63 (Kuwait)$13.63 (Kuwait)
RSAGrapefruit (15kg)$11.96 (Kuwait)$13.63 (Kuwait)
RSAGrapefruit (15kg)$9,26 – $11.40 (Dubai)$8.17 – $11.00 (Dubai)


Shipped YTD from Chile

Apples from Chile to the Middle East – a decrease of 34% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Market update: The Middle East market continues to be stable and strong for apples. We are seeing a high demand for apples with high price levels.

The market price levels have dropped for Forelle/Vermont pears from South Africa but are expected to pick up from the 10th of July for pre-Hajj/Eid-al-Adha celebrations.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 22Selling Prices week 23
ItalyGranny Smith (18kg)$26.93 (Kuwait)$26.93 (Kuwait)
SerbiaGranny Smith (18kg)$26.93 (Kuwait)$26.93 (Kuwait)
RSAGranny Smith (18kg)$25.26 (Kuwait)$25.26 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceGranny Smith (18kg)$24.45 – $24.70 (Dubai)$25.55 – $25.80 (Dubai)
ItalyGranny Smith (18kg) cnt 100/113/125$21.33 – $22.67 (Jeddah)$22.67 – $24.00 (Jeddah)
FranceGranny Smith (18kg) $26.93 (Kuwait)
RSAGranny Smith (18kg)$17.71 – $19.07 (Dubai)$17.71 – $19.07 (Dubai)
FranceGolden Delicious (18kg) $25.26 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$24.45 – $24.70 (Dubai)$24.45 – $24.70 (Dubai)
USARed Delicious (18kg)$28.59 (Kuwait)$28.59 (Kuwait)
ItalyRed Delicious (18kg)$25.26 (Kuwait)$25.20 (Kuwait)
USARed Delicious – PR (18kg)  cnt 100-113$28.00 (Jeddah)$28.00 (Jeddah)
USARed Delicious – XF (18kg)  cnt 100-113$24.53 – $25.33 (Jeddah)$24.53 – $25.33 (Jeddah)
ChinaFuji (18kg)$18.52 (Kuwait)$18.61 (Kuwait)
RSARoyal Gala – Econo packs (12kg)  cnt 120- 135$16.85 – $17.00 (Dubai)$16.85 – $17.00 (Dubai)
FranceRoyal Gala (18kg) $26.93 (Kuwait)
USARoyal Gala (18kg) $26.93 (Kuwait)
ChileRoyal Gala (18kg)$24.43 (Kuwait)$26.09 (Kuwait)
ItalyRoyal Gala (18kg)$23.60 (Kuwait)$26.09 (Kuwait)
RSARoyal Gala (18kg)$21.94 (Kuwait)$25.26 (Kuwait)
RSARoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 120 – 135$26.00 – $27.25 (Dubai)$26.70 – $27.45 (Dubai)
RSARoyal Beaut (18kg)  cnt 120-135$31.00 – $31.25 (Dubai)$31.00 – $31.25 (Dubai)
RSARoyal Gala (18kg)  cnt 135$24.80  – $25.33 (Jeddah)$21.87  – $22.67 (Jeddah)
New ZealandRoyal Gala (18kg) PR cnt 110-120$28.55 – $32.85 (Dubai)$28.55 – $32.85 (Dubai)
BrazilRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 113-125$23.65 – $23.85 (Dubai)$23.65 – $23.85 (Dubai)
ChileRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 125 – 138$26.00 – $26.25 (Dubai)$25.55 – $25.80 (Dubai)
ChileRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 100-150$26.13  – $28.00 (Jeddah)$24.00  – $26.13 (Jeddah)
RSAForelle Pears (12kg) $16.95 (Kuwait)$13.63 (Kuwait)
RSAForelle Pears (12kg) $11.99 – $14.65 (Dubai)$10.90 – $14.25 (Dubai)
RSAForelle Pears (12kg) cnt 90/96/112/120$16.35 – $17.71 (Jeddah)$13.33 – $15.20 (Jeddah)
RSAVermont Pears (12kg) cnt 90/96/112/120$16.80 – $18.67 (Jeddah)$11.47 – $13.33 (Jeddah)
RSAVermont Pears (12kg)$15.29 (Kuwait)$11.96 (Kuwait)
RSAVermont Pears (12kg)$10.35 – $12.00 (Dubai)$9.54 – $11.65 (Dubai)

Grape, Stone & Kiwi Fruit

Stone fruit

The situation on plums has not changed in the GCC countries with continued market pressure and decline in price levels week on week due to the oversupply in the market.

There have also been some shipping delays on Chilean plums and this has negatively impacted the arrival of these plums in an oversupplied market.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit volumes shipped from Chile to the Middle East remain low at 31% less on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

The arrival of the first Hayward Kiwi fruit variety from Chile to the UAE is achieving very high price levels.  In general Kiwi fruit from other countries to include Italy and New Zealand are selling at high price levels in the UAE. This may be due to the kiwi fruit’s high vitamin C content presumably assisting in improving the immune systems to combat the Covid19 virus and a reduced global supply.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 22Selling Prices week 23
ItalyHayward Kiwi (3kg)$8.00 (Dubai)$15.00 (Dubai)
New ZealandGold Kiwi (3kg)$21.75 (Dubai)$21.75 (Dubai)
ChileHayward Kiwi (3.2kg) $13.62 (Dubai)
ChileHayward Kiwi (10kg) $30.00 (Dubai)
RSAPlums (5kg)$6.98 (Kuwait)$9.47 (Kuwait)
RSAPlums (8kg)$15.29 (Kuwait)$15.29 (Kuwait)
ChilePlums$4.09 (Dubai)$4.09 (Dubai)
ChilePlums Angelino (9kg)$11.47 – $12.00 (Jeddah)$5.33- $6.67 (Jeddah)
EgyptWhite Seedless (4.5kg) $8.70- $9.00 (Dubai)
ChileRed Globe (8.2kg)$22.40- $22.67 (Jeddah)$17.33 – $17.87 (Jeddah)
ChileRed Globe (4.5kg)$11.40- $11.65 (Dubai)$15.00- $15.25 (Dubai)
PeruPomegrantes (3.8kg)$10.30- $10.55 (Dubai)$11.00- $11.25 (Dubai)

India / Bangladesh


The markets though operating have lost the hum. Sales are slowing prices have come off their artificial highs. Citrus has had a mighty fall with Egypt selling 2 to 3 dollars below cost.

On apples Chilean Gala are moving but slow and prices have corrected. Washington is struggling because of prices. New Zealand beginning to show signs of weakness too since last week. Now that monsoons have set in the west of country sales there are slow also the early arrival of domestic crop means the window is now about 6 weeks to clear stocks. I personally feel if the market gives up its sluggish behaviour we should be over the line on apples.

On Pears Packhams were are a hard sell. Now Vermont/ Forelle  too are struggling because of oversupply and Parts of the country in Lockdown. With domestic Pears expected in 2 weeks I feel the struggle on Pears will continue.

Grapes and plums have been a disaster with close to no sales.

Kiwi market remains stable but there too sales are sluggish.


The Bangladeshi Government has announced a duty increase of a further $0.10/kg on imported Oranges. This comes at a very critical time adding further costs to fresh produce which has already seen exponential price increases in recent months.

Efforts are being made to dissuade the government from implementing increased duties, however there has not been much success yet in this regard.

Skyrocketing freight costs, increased duties, restricted equipment availability, fewer shipping line options – all combined with the strong position of the ZAR is making it nigh on impossible for South African growers to supply Bangladesh at sustainable and competitive price levels.

Congestion remains an issue in Chittagong, with delays of up to 10 days, whilst market sales are even slower than last week due to inclement weather experienced recently. Pretty much all commodities are selling below cost at this stage.

PPECB Statistics

Please note that PPECB statistics will only be sent on Monday, 14 June 2021.

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