Hajj in Saudi Arabia started on the 07th of July and will continue until the 12th of July.

Increase in market price levels for all oranges, mandarins, and lemons for Hajj sales, as Saudi Arabia has allowed 1 million international pilgrims to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 93.48 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 79.25 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 16.88 ZAR (South African Rand)


The Valencias season in the Limpopo region was delayed by 2-3 weeks due to the slow colour development of the Valencias. Expectations are that there will be a good demand for Late Navels and Valencia types in Russia, South East Asia, China, and the Middle East. However, the new protocol on oranges to Europe will have a major impact on the South African oranges and the industry is waiting for the final protocol on what this will be.

Market update

There has been an increase in the market demand and sales prices on navels, valencias, lemons and soft citrus in Saudi Arabia due to pre-Hajj sales. However, low demand and continued downward trend in price levels for Star Ruby grapefruit.

There has been a decrease of -28% in oranges, -9% in lemons, and -8% of soft citrus shipped YTD from South Africa to the Middle East compared to last season.

Market Prices (Dubai and Jeddah)


Combined apple shipments from both Chile and South Africa to the Middle East are still -9% down compared to the same time last season.

Limited volumes of pears are being taken out of CA rooms and this trend will continue until the end of October.  This is to try and extend the season as late as possible due to the high demand during this late period as there are no other pears available.

Market update

Market demand, sales, and high price levels for Royal Gala apples continue to do well this season due to the limited availability from South Africa and Chile. However, a continued downward trend on pears due to the high volume that has arrived in the GCC countries over the past few weeks.

Market Prices (Dubai and Jeddah)

Grape, Stone & Kiwi Fruit

Update on Kiwi Fruit and a market update in the GCC countries

Zespri has reported that changes in climatic conditions, i.e. an increase in temperature could disrupt the growth of Kiwi fruit in the future.

The market expectation that prices would increase for Chilean Kiwi fruit has not materialized. A continued downward trend in price levels followed by a slow market/demand for Kiwi fruit.  Iranian kiwi fruit arriving in Dubai and Saudi Arabia are being packed in a carton labeled as Chile/Greece origin and this is affecting the market negatively by forcing price levels down.

Market Prices (Dubai and Jeddah)

India / Bangladesh


Pears are starting to move at far below cost.

Apple prices are holding.

Easy peelers are making some margin as low volumes so far.


Pears are selling at big losses.

Apple prices have picked up.

There is demand for Easy peelers and Valencias.

PPECB Statistics

Decofrut Statistics

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