South African ports are still under pressure with vessel omissions, short shipments, and equipment shortages that have caused a knock-on effect with cargo rolling over.  This is an ongoing weekly problem in all ports and causing continuous pressure on the South African fruit industry.

Maersk’s new Warehousing and Distribution facility in the United Arab Emirates is going to be an important link to help build an integrated logistical solution for customers in Dubai. The facility is to be situated in the Jafza in Dubai and the facility’s 80,000m3 storage capacity is also intended for goods flowing in and out of other countries in the Middle East region, for which Dubai serves as a gateway to the rest of the world.

Although the market is becoming stronger for valencias from South Africa, prices levels are not exceptional.

In Dubai, Lemon price levels have dropped for South African lemons, and this is due to the arrival of the first new season Turkish lemons in the market.  The continued decline in price levels for Grapefruit from South Africa and can be contributed to the higher volumes from South Africa shipped to the market.

In Dubai, a sharp decline in price levels for bananas from $17.00 to $7.00 in one day as a result of vessels bunching and all shipments arriving together.

In Dubai, Strawberries from South Africa are performing well in the market.

Although Chile is expecting a 12% increase in volume on cherries this season, the drought is expected to reduce fruit exports by 8%.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 85.34 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 73.63 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 14.58 ZAR (South African Rand)


Citrus – South Africa

Current Valencia varieties being packed include Midknight and Valencia Lates. Northern Growers will finish packing in week 38/39. The Eastern Cape growers have started packing Midknights. The Western Cape growers will start picking Valencia varieties around week 37/38.

Navel oranges showing a small increase in volume. Late varieties, like Cambria, are still being packed.

The Western areas in South Africa are picking and packing Nadorcott/Tango soft citrus till week 38/39.

Late season lemons in the Western Cape are at the tail-end of the season and nearly done.

Shipped YTD from South Africa

Lemons to the Middle East – a decrease of 4% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Grapefruit to the Middle East – an increase of 29% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season. 

Soft Citrus to the Middle East – an increase of 73% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Oranges to the Middle East – an increase of 3% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Market update:

Although the market is becoming stronger for valencias from South Africa, prices levels are not exceptional. However, there is a higher demand for size 64/72 and customers are paying a higher price for these sizes. A slight decrease in market price levels for both valencias and Cambria from South Africa. The packing of Cambria has finished.

In general, soft citrus varieties are still under pressure due to the high volume in the market from South Africa, however, there is interest in the late variety Nadorcotts from South Africa. South Africa has 1-2 weeks left on the packing of Nadorcotts for the season.

The new season for Turkish lemons has started making an arrival in the United Arab Emirates.  Turkey will have a big lemon crop this season.

In General

Spain expects their lemons crop to be down by -11.4% and soft citrus -9.9% compared to last season.  However,  Spain’s orange crop remains stable, and Grapefruit is up by 3% compared to last season.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 37Selling Prices week 38
Egypt Navels (7.5kg)$2.70 (Kuwait)$2.70 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (15kg)$9.45 (Kuwait)$9.45 (Kuwait)
RSA Navels (15kg)$10.12 (Kuwait)$10.12 (Kuwait)
RSA Navels (15kg) cnt 72$13.86 (Jeddah)$13.86 (Jeddah)
RSA Navels (15kg) cnt 88$12.53 (Jeddah)$12.53 (Jeddah)
RSA Navels (15kg) cnt 105$11.20 (Jeddah)$11.20 (Jeddah)
Australia Navels (18kg)$28.17 (Kuwait)$28.17 (Kuwait)
RSA Navelate (15kg) cnt 72$14.00 – $16.30 (Dubai)$14.00 – $16.00 (Dubai)
RSA Navelate (15kg) cnt 88$14.00 – $16.30 (Dubai)$14.00 – $16.00 (Dubai)
RSA Navelate (15kg) cnt 105$12.00 (Dubai)$12.00 – $12.75 (Dubai)
RSA Navelate (15kg) cnt 72$16.80 (Jeddah)$16.80 (Jeddah)
RSANavelate (15kg) cnt 88$15.47 (Jeddah)$15.47 (Jeddah)
RSA Navelate (15kg) cnt 105$13.87 (Jeddah)$13.87 (Jeddah)
RSALemons (15kg)$10.11 (Kuwait)$10.11 (Kuwait)
RSALemons (15kg)$10.35– $19.00 (Dubai)$11.40 – $16.30 (Dubai)
RSALemons (15kg) cnt 138/162/189$16.27– $18.67 (Jeddah)$16.27– $18.67 (Jeddah)
LebanonValencias (5kg)$2.79 (Kuwait)$2.79 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (7.5kg)$3.86 (Kuwait)$3.86 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (15kg)$7.79 (Kuwait)$7.79 (Kuwait)
RSAValencias (15kg)$9.46 (Kuwait)$9.46 (Kuwait)
RSAValencias (15kg) – cnt 72$16.00 (Dubai)$15.75 (Dubai)
RSAValencias (15kg) – cnt 88$13.60 (Dubai)$13.60 (Dubai)
RSAValencias (15kg) – cnt 105$12.70 (Dubai)$12.70 (Dubai)
RSAValencias (15kg) – cnt 72$16.53 (Jeddah)$16.80 (Jeddah)
RSAValencias (15kg) – cnt 88$15.47 (Jeddah)$16.53 (Jeddah)
RSAValencias (15kg) – cnt 105$13.33 (Jeddah)$13.33 (Jeddah)
SyriaSoft Citrus (5kg)$6.97 (Kuwait)$6.97 (Kuwait)
AustraliaSoft Citrus (8kg)$20.19 (Kuwait)$20.19 (Kuwait)
EgyptSoft Citrus (8kg)$10.21 (Kuwait)$10.21 (Kuwait)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) – Minneolas$11.00 (Dubai)$11.00 (Dubai)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) – Nova/Leanri$8.17 (Dubai)$7.00 – $8.00 (Dubai)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) cnt 1X$12.26 (Jeddah)$12.26 (Jeddah)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) cnt 1XX/1$11.73 (Jeddah)$11.73 (Jeddah)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) cnt 2/3$11.20 (Jeddah)$11.20 (Jeddah)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) – Nadorcott/Tango$9.54 – $11.40 (Dubai)$11.00 (Dubai)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) Nova$11.75 (Kuwait)$11.75 (Kuwait)
RSASoft Citrus (10kg) Nadorcott$11.88 (Kuwait)$11.88 (Kuwait)
RSAGrapefruit (15kg)$13.50 (Kuwait)$13.50 (Kuwait)
RSAGrapefruit (15kg)$12.25 – $13.62 (Dubai)$12.25 (Dubai)
RSAGrapefruit (15kg)$12.80 – $13.33 (Jeddah)$12.80 – $13.33 (Jeddah)


Overall, there are fewer blush pears available this season due to no big differences between day-and-night temperatures.

Shipped YTD

Apples from RSA to the Middle East – an increase of 18% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Pears from RSA to the Middle East –  a decrease of 7% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to the 2020 season.

Market update:

New-season for French apples has started making arrival in Dubai market but Italy has not made its arrival in the market just yet.

The continued increase in demand and price levels in the GCC countries for Forelle/Vermont pears from South Africa due to the limited supply. Limited volume is available for CA pears that have been stored for shipments until the end of September. South Africa will have limited volume available for the next 2 weeks.

In General

Italy expects their new apple crop to be 4% smaller and one week later than last year.

Poland has started shipping Royal Gala this week.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 37Selling Prices week 38
ItalyGranny Smith (18kg)$31.00 (Kuwait)$31.00 (Kuwait)
SerbiaGranny Smith (18kg)$31.16 (Kuwait)$31.16 (Kuwait)
RSAGranny Smith (18kg)$25.20 (Kuwait)$25.20 (Kuwait)
RSAGranny Smith (18kg)$27.24 (Dubai)$27.24 (Dubai)
FranceGranny Smith (18kg)$31.11 (Kuwait)$31.11 (Kuwait)
FranceGranny Smith (18kg)$28.55 – $28.80 (Dubai)$28.55 – $28.80 (Dubai)
ItalyGolden Delicious (18kg)$28.05 (Kuwait)$28.05 (Kuwait)
Italy/FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$28.55– $28.80 (Dubai)$32.60 – $32.85 (Dubai)
RSAGolden Delicious (18kg)$20.23 (Kuwait)$20.23 (Kuwait)
FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$26.99 (Kuwait)$26.99 (Kuwait)
USARed Delicious – PR (18kg) cnt 100-113$28.53 (Jeddah)$28.53 (Jeddah)
USARed Delicious – XF (18kg) cnt 100-113$26.67 – $27.47(Jeddah)$26.67 – $27.47(Jeddah)
USARed Delicious (18kg)$31.10 (Kuwait)$31.10 (Kuwait)
ItalyRed Delicious (18kg)$23.90 (Kuwait)$23.90 (Kuwait)
RSARoyal Gala–Econo packs (12kg)cnt 120-135$20.65 – $20.90 (Dubai)$20.65 – $20.90 (Dubai)
RSARoyal Gala (12kg)$13.60 (Kuwait)$13.60 (Kuwait)
USARoyal Gala (18kg)$31.79 (Kuwait)$31.79 (Kuwait)
ChileRoyal Gala (18kg)$31.69 (Kuwait)$31.69 (Kuwait)
New ZealandRoyal Gala (18kg)$31.00 (Kuwait)$31.00 (Kuwait)
BrazilRoyal Gala (18kg)$31.90 (Kuwait)$31.90 (Kuwait)
SpainRoyal Gala (18kg)  cnt 100-125$23.47  – $24.00 (Jeddah)$23.47  – $24.00 (Jeddah)
RSARoyal Gala (18kg)$25.89 – $26.60 (Dubai)$25.00 – $25.25 (Dubai)
FranceRoyal Gala (18kg) $25.55 – $25.80 (Dubai)
New ZealandRoyal Gala (18kg) PR cnt 110-135$27.20 – $30.25 (Dubai)$27.20 – $28.80 (Dubai)
New ZealandRoyal Gala (18kg) XF cnt 110-120$28.55– $28.80 (Dubai)$27.20– $27.45 (Dubai)
ChileRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 125 – 138$28.00 – $28.25 (Dubai)$27.20 – $27.45 (Dubai)
ChileRoyal Gala (19.2kg) cnt 100-150$23.47  – $25.07 (Jeddah)$23.47  – $25.07 (Jeddah)
SpainPears (8kg)$11.20– $12.00 (Jeddah)$11.20– $12.00 (Jeddah)
SpainPears (8kg)$20.21 (Kuwait)$20.21 (Kuwait)
SpainErcolini Pears (8kg)$11.40 – $11.65 (Dubai)$11.00 – $11.25 (Dubai)
RSAForelle Pears (12kg) $23.48 (Kuwait)$23.48 (Kuwait)
RSAForelle Pears (12kg) $23.16 – $23.98 (Dubai)$21.75 – $22.00 (Dubai)
RSAVermont Pears (12kg)$20.44 – $21.25 (Dubai)$21.20 – $21.45 (Dubai)

Grape, Stone & Kiwi Fruit

Stone fruit – South Africa – short update for the new season

Cold weather in the Western Cape is causing havoc with the new season crop. Fruit is going to be late, size small.  Similar crop on all commodities as last season, therefore, high volumes of Plums will be available again for the new season.  Some of the Western Cape growers have started packing small volumes but for the local market only. 

In General

Global peach and nectarine exports are expected to fall in the 2022 season despite higher global production. Peach and Nectarine exports are expected to be lower due to reduced

Shipments from China and Uzbekistan. EU production is down as growers in Spain, Italy, Greece, and France experienced the second year of frost and rain.  Turkey production is anticipated to be done due to frost and freeze damage. Chile’s production is expected to be down due to the drought and restriction on water supply.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 37Selling Prices week 38
New ZealandGold Kiwi (2.8kg)$21.75 (Dubai)$21.20 (Dubai)
New ZealandHayward Kiwi (3.5kg)$14.00 (Dubai)$11.40 (Dubai)
ChileHayward Kiwi (2.7kg)$6.81 – $8.17 (Dubai)$8.00 (Dubai)
IranKiwi (10kg)$8.70 (Dubai)$8.70 (Dubai)
SpainRed Plum (5kg)$8.59 (Kuwait)$8.59 (Kuwait)

India / Bangladesh


Prices on oranges and easy peelers have stabilised. Good Easypeelers and oranges are making small margins for importers. Imported apple prices are still under pressure. Vermont/Forelle doing well and good quality Packhams starting to see some movement.


Due to shipping constraints, Valencia oranges continue to be in short supply and trading at higher prices.

This is stimulating the market for the more widely available easy peelers which are moving at attractive yet sustainable market levels due to the large quantities available.

Chinese apples are losing money currently, this as a result of large volumes present throughout the market – coupled with the sub-par quality compared to previous seasons.

PPECB Statistics

Decofrut Statistics

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