Overall increase in demand for pre-Eid sales.  However, there was a drop in price levels for South African lemons, while price levels increased for pears from South Africa and Red Globe grapes from Chile. Apple prices remained stable.

After Eid, fruits from other countries will compete in the market with local supply on commodities such as stone fruits, mangoes, grapes, and watermelons at low price levels.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 106.16 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 82.16 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 18.07 ZAR (South African Rand)


Citrus fruit – South Africa

Middle East – There has been an increase of 14% on lemon volumes shipped from South Africa compared to the same period last season, while Star Ruby grapefruit is down by 23% compared to the same period last season.

Market update

Continued downward trend in price levels for South African lemons in Saudi Arabia and this can be contributed to the drop in prices and demand for lemons re-exported from Dubai to Saudi market.

Market Prices (Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah)


In addition to South Africa, Chile and New Zealand being down on Royal Gala apples volumes this season, Forelle pears from South Africa will be 15-20% short. This is due to the hail in one of the biggest production areas in South Africa. Late season CA Forelle pears is expected to end one month earlier this season and by the end of September.

 In general

Combined Chile and South Africa shipments on apples is down by 7% compared to the 2022 season.

Market update

Apple price levels have remained stable in the Middle East market from week 15-16.

The price for Forelle/Vermont beaut pears from South Africa have remained at higher price levels, however the market price levels are expected to drop after Eid. 

Market Prices (Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah)

Grape, Stone, Kiwi Fruit, Cherries

Grapes – Chile

Chile are at the tail end of their season with Red Globe grapes and will end in the next 1-2 weeks with minimal to no volume available.

Market update

Increase in market price levels pre-Eid sales on Red Globe grapes from Chile in the Middle East market.

The market is supplied with grapes from Chile, Peru, and India.  Egypt will start with their first harvest soon.

Stone Fruit

No report.

Kiwi fruit

The Chilean industry is down by 15-20% and New Zealand is down by 25% this season. The EU is demanding more volume due to Greece and Italy finishing earlier.

Market update

The Middle East market is currently supplied with Kiwi fruit from Iran, Greece, and Italy.

Market Prices (Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah)

India / Bangladesh


Customs changed their payment systems and this slowed down the clearance of containers. Apple market is still doing well and the pear market is starting to drop as more pears make arrival. The shipping delays have also caused summer pears to only make arrival now with Vermonts and Packhams also in the market.


Growers predict that Golden Delicious volumes will be down this year and that there will be more yellow apples. Golden Delicious demand in Bangladesh has picked up due to less volume shipped year to date and less availability. The Sales price during Ramadan on Apples were good. The MSC Anusha did not arrive in time to take advantage of the good Ramadan market and will now only discharge after the EID holidays. This vessel has more than 200 containers of Apples on it.

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