The markets are unstable with volatile pricing on grapes and some stone fruits while apples & pears sales remain stable for the most part in the GCC countries.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 84.75 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 72.94 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 15.24 ZAR (South African Rand)


The packing of the very early Lemons from South Africa was packed in week 2-3 (mid-January) and the next areas thereafter will start packing at the end of February/beginning of March.

The GCC countries are already supplied with Lemons from China, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Spain. The early Lemons from South Africa should start making arrival in the GCC countries by the end of January/beginning of March and will compete with these countries that are already in the market.

The lemons from Argentina can be slightly delayed this season and sizing affected as a result of the drought in certain areas.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 3Selling Prices week 4
Lebanon Navels (6kg)$2.97 (Kuwait)$3.63 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (7kg)$4.62 (Kuwait)$4.62 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (7.5kg)$4.00 – $4.53 (Jeddah)$4.00 – $4.53 (Jeddah)
Syria Navels (7kg)$3.30 (Kuwait)$3.30 (Kuwait)
Turkey Navels (9kg)$4.95 (Kuwait)$4.95 (Kuwait)
Syria Navels (14kg)$11.56 (Kuwait)$11.56 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels (15kg)$9.91 (Kuwait)$9.91 (Kuwait)
Egypt Navels$8.17 – $8.72 (Dubai)$7.63 – $8.72 (Dubai)
Spain Navels (15kg)$6.60 (Kuwait)$8.25 (Kuwait)
TurkeyLemons (5kg)$4.13 (Kuwait)$4.13 (Kuwait)
TurkeyLemons (10kg)$7.43 (Kuwait)$7.43 (Kuwait)
ChinaLemons (15kg) cnt 100-113$12.80 – $14.67 (Jeddah)$12.80 – $14.67 (Jeddah)
TurkeyLemons (15kg)$13.08 – $15.80 (Dubai)$13.08- $14.99 (Dubai)
TurkeyLemons (15kg)$14.86 (Kuwait)$14.03 (Kuwait)
EgyptLemons (15kg)$14.03 (Kuwait)$14.03 (Kuwait)
EgyptLemons (15kg)$11.44 – $11.99 (Dubai)$11.44 – $11.99 (Dubai)
LebanonValencias (5kg)$2.97 (Kuwait)$2.97 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (15kg)$9.08 (Kuwait)$9.08 (Kuwait)
EgyptValencias (15kg) cnt 72-100$5.33 – $11.20 (Jeddah)$4.53 – $8.00 (Jeddah)
EgyptValencias$9.54 (Dubai)$9.54 (Dubai)
LebanonSoft Citrus (5kg) – Nova$4.95 (Kuwait)$3.30 (Kuwait)
SyriaSoft Citrus (6kg) – Nova$4.46 (Kuwait)$4.13 (Kuwait)
EgyptSoft Citrus (8kg)$5.28 (Kuwait)$5.78 (Kuwait)
AustraliaMandarin$6.81 (Dubai)$5.45 (Dubai)
AustraliaSoft Citrus (8kg)$9.91 (Kuwait)$9.91 (Kuwait)
MoroccoMandarin (10kg)$15.47 – $16.53 (Jeddah)$14.93 – $16.00 (Jeddah)
PakistanSoft Citrus (10kg)$4.13 (Kuwait)$3.63 (Kuwait)
PakistanMandarin (10kg)$4.53 – $5.07 (Jeddah)$4.27 – $4.80 (Jeddah)
PakistanMandarin$4.36 (Dubai)$5.17 (Dubai)
TurkeySoft Citrus (10kg)$6.60 (Kuwait)$6.60 (Kuwait)
SpainMandarin (10kg)$13.33 – $13.87 (Jeddah)$15.47 – $16.00 (Jeddah)
TurkeyGrapefruit (7kg)$6.60 (Kuwait)$6.60 (Kuwait)
TurkeyGrapefruit (15kg)$8.17 (Dubai)$7.63 (Dubai)
TurkeyGrapefruit (15kg)$14.03 (Kuwait)$14.03 (Kuwait)


Pear volumes are down and this is due to the season being 5-10 days later. Volumes are also lower due to russeting on the early Bon Chretien variety of pears.

South African apples passed for export by the end of week 3 was up by 64% compared to the 2020 season, however pears were down by 30% compared to the same period last season.

The local market is strong and the first packing of apples will be packed for the local market.  The packing of the first Royal Gala/Gala for export should be in week 6.

In general, The first packing of Royal Gala apples from Chile should start in week 6/7, however there is currently a strong demand from Europe and markets will be competing with the European market for apples.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 3Selling Prices week 4
RSAGranny Smith (18kg)$21.46 (Kuwait)$21.46 (Kuwait)
TurkeyGranny Smith (18kg)$23.94 (Kuwait)$29.72 (Kuwait)
FranceGranny Smith (18kg)$24.76 (Kuwait)$31.37 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceGranny Smith (18kg)$24.00- $24.25 (Dubai)$24.45- $24.70 (Dubai)
Italy / FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$23.00- $23.25 (Dubai)$21.75- $22.00 (Dubai)
FranceGolden Delicious (18kg)$26.42 (Kuwait)$26.42 (Kuwait)
ChileGolden Delicious (18kg)$18.16 (Kuwait)$18.16 (Kuwait)
TurkeyRed Delicious (13kg)$13.21 (Kuwait)$14.86 (Kuwait)
USARed Delicious – PR (18kg)  cnt 100-113$28.00 (Jeddah)$28.00 (Jeddah)
USARed Delicious – XF (18kg)  cnt 100-113$23.47 – $24.00 (Jeddah)$24.53 – $25.33 (Jeddah)
USARed Delicious (18kg)$26.42 (Kuwait)$25.59 (Kuwait)
TurkeyRed Delicious (18kg)$22.29 (Kuwait)$22.29 (Kuwait)
TurkeyRoyal Gala (13kg)$14.86 (Kuwait)$14.86 (Kuwait)
TurkeyRoyal Gala (18kg)$22.29 (Kuwait)$23.11 (Kuwait)
USARoyal Gala (18kg)$27.70- $27.95 (Dubai)$28.55- $28.80 (Dubai)
ItalyRoyal Gala (18kg)$27.24 (Kuwait)$27.24 (Kuwait)
Italy / FranceRoyal Gala (18kg)$24.52 – $25.07 (Dubai)$24.00 – $25.07 (Dubai)
ItalyRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 100 – 138$24.80 – $26.67 (Jeddah)$24.53- $26.13 (Jeddah)
USARoyal Gala (18kg)$28.07 (Kuwait)$28.07 (Kuwait)
FranceRoyal Gala (18kg)$27.24 (Kuwait)$27.24 (Kuwait)
SerbiaRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 100 – 125$24.00 – $25.33 (Jeddah)$24.00 – $25.33 (Jeddah)
SerbiaRoyal Gala (18kg) cnt 100 – 113$21.75 – $22.00 (Dubai)$23.00 – $23.25 (Dubai)
New ZealandRoyal Gala (18kg)$28.89 (Kuwait)$28.89 (Kuwait)
SerbiaRoyal Gala (19kg)$25.59 (Kuwait)$25.59 (Kuwait)
TurkeyPears (4kg)$5.78 (Kuwait)$4.95 (Kuwait)
SpainKoshi Pears (8kg)$13.21 (Kuwait)$17.34 (Kuwait)
USAD’Anjou (10kg)$13.00 – $13.25 (Dubai)$13.00 – $13.25 (Dubai)
BelgiumPears  (13kg)$14.86 (Kuwait)$14.86 (Kuwait)

Grape, Stone & Kiwi Fruit

In general, there is a low demand for grapes in the  GCC countries and market price levels continue to drop for white grapes from South Africa and India in the market.  There is also a lower demand for Red Globe grapes in the GCC countries as this variety is mainly supplied to the hotel/catering industries who have been adversely affected  the Covid-19 pandemic.

Middle East – decrease of 29% on cumulative volumes shipped to date from compared to 2020 season.

Stone fruit RSA
The late season variety of plums from South Africa is expected to be massively up on volumes especially on Angelino plums. The African delight(red variety) looks like it will be a normal crop, however Ruby Sun(red variety) is expected to be up by 10% and Angelino Black plums is expected to be up by 100%. The packing of the Angelino Plums from South Africa should be around week 9-15 and Chile is expected to start packing in week 8-9 and will run at the same time as South Africa.  Chile will compete with South Africa in the market.

Peaches to Middle East – increase of 5%  on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared  to 2020 season.

Nectarines to Middle East – decrease of 35% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to 2020 season.

Plums to Middle East – increase of 2% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to 2020 season.

Apricots to Middle East – increase of 149% on cumulative volumes shipped to date compared to 2020 season.

Market Prices

CountryCommoditySelling Prices week 3Selling Prices week 4
ItalyKiwi (3kg)$4.90 (Dubai)$5.45 – $5.99 (Dubai)
ItalyGold Kiwi (3kg)$9.50 (Dubai)$11.00 (Dubai)
IranKiwi (10kg)$7.00 (Dubai)$7.00 (Dubai)
RSAPlums$9.54 (Dubai)$8.17 (Dubai)
RSANectarines (2.5kg)$6.81 (Dubai)$9.54 – $12.26 (Dubai)
RSANectarines (2.7kg)$6.93 (Jeddah)$8.00 (Jeddah)
RSAPeaches (2.5kg)$4.90 (Dubai)$5.45 (Dubai)
RSAPeaches (2.7kg)$6.93 – $7.47 (Jeddah)$5.87 – $6.13 (Jeddah)
RSAApricot$7.63 (Dubai)$10.90 (Dubai)
RSAApricot (5kg)$9.60 – $10.13 (Jeddah)$11.20 – $12.00 (Jeddah)
PeruRed Globe (4.5kg)$12.00 – $12.25 (Dubai)$12.00 – $12.25 (Dubai)
RSARed Seedless$9.54 (Dubai)$6.81 – $10.90 (Dubai)
RSAWhite seedless grapes (4.5kg)$13.33 (Jeddah)$11.20 (Jeddah)
RSAWhite Grapes$9.54 (Dubai)$6.81 – $10.90 (Dubai)
IndiaWhite seedless grapes (4.5kg)$10.13 – $10.67 (Jeddah)$8.80 – $9.33 (Jeddah)
IndiaWhite Grapes$8.72 (Dubai)$8.72 (Dubai)
RSABlack Grapes$11.00 (Dubai)$4.08 – $9.54 (Dubai)
USAScarlett Royal Grapes (8.6kg)$19.00 – $19.25 (Dubai)$19.00 – $19.25 (Dubai)
SpainPersimmon (2.7kg)$8.80 – $9.33 (Jeddah)$8.80 – $9.33 (Jeddah)
USAAutumn Royal Grapes (8.6kg)$32.60 – $32.85 (Dubai)$32.60 – $32.85 (Dubai)

India / Bangladesh


The market is stable on all fruits currently with minimal volumes of pears in the market. Royal Gala apple pricing is maintaining high prices and are in high demand. Egyptian Valencia’s price are starting to drop. South African Plums are selling at cost or slightly above. Overall a normal market for imported fruits.


The soft citrus market in Bangladesh is currently overwhelmed with supply from Bhutan and India resulting in depressingly low price levels, whilst the commencement of the Pakistan season’s supply is expected to create further downward pressure on prices.

As the Chinese grape supply to Bangladesh draws to a close, Marketers appear very satisfied with their end results for the season.

Apples are holding their ground with strong sales and impressive price levels, fueling demand for more.

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