Customers and suppliers around the Globe have attended the Fruit Logistica in Berlin on the 8-10 February 2023.  This is a platform to discuss the Fresh produce industry as well as innovative solutions.  It is a way for both suppliers and customers to connect.

Update on the market in the GCC countries

There is still a demand for apples from Poland at competitive prices due to the Northern Hemisphere that is finishing with Royal Gala apples by the end of February. The Middle East is ready to start with the new season apples from South Africa but is competing with Europe and UK due to the high demand for apples from South Africa because of the Northern Hemisphere finishing earlier.

Increase in price levels for South African Mangoes due to less volumes being shipped from South Africa.

The earthquake in Turkey can influence the supply of lemons to the market.

1.00 USD = 3.67 AED (Emirate Dirham)
1.00 USD = 3.75 SAD (Saudi Riyals)
1.00 USD = 104.76 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka)
1.00 USD = 82.57 INR (Indian Rupees)
1.00 USD = 17.74 ZAR (South African Rand)

Citrus & Mango

Some growers will start packing Lemons next week (week 7) and volumes will start picking up in week 8 with more growers packing.

Market update

The market is still supplied with lemons from Egypt, Turkey, and China. However, the recent earthquake in Turkey can influence the supply of lemons due to the significant damage to logistics and transport infrastructure in certain areas with the closure of some ports.

Mangoes – South Africa

The rain in the Limpopo province has delayed the picking and packing of Mangoes.

Market update

Positive market trends and market price levels due to less volumes shipped from South Africa.

Market Prices (Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah)


The last of the harvest for the summer pear varieties should be around week 8, with shipping in week 9 (end of February). There will be a gap of about 2 weeks until the harvest of the first Forelle winter pears in week 11.

In addition to the South African Royal Gala apple crop that will be down by 15% this season due to a big hailstorm in the Ceres area (one of the biggest apple-growing areas), some of the big apple growers in Chile expect their crop to be 25% down this season and sizing will be smaller.


The extent of the raging wildfires in Chile is being assessed by the fruit export sector of Chile to ascertain the potential damage that could have caused in the 7th largest production area in the south-central part of the country, where apples, blueberry, cherries and some table grapes and other fruit are grown.

Market update

Due to the Northern Hemisphere ending earlier this season, there is a higher demand for apples from the EU and UK and the Middle East will compete with these countries for Royal Gala apples at high prices.

Although there is still a demand for Royal Gala apples from Poland to the Middle East at competitive prices. The market is ready to start with the new season apples from South Africa.

Market Prices (Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah)

Grape, Stone, Kiwi Fruit, Cherries


Packing continues in the Hex River Region, with volumes expected to peak during weeks 6 to 9. Crimson volumes, being the largest cultivar in the region, are expected to remain on par with estimates.

The Hex River area is expected to pack Red Globe for the next 2-3 weeks only, with a week gap between each week, where the Growers will pack another variety, like Crimson. Crimson red seedless is expected to end by week 9/10 (end of February- beginning of March).

Stone Fruit

There has been an increase of 2% on cumulative volumes of plums shipped to date to the Middle East compared to the 2022 season. The harvest of the Angelino black plums is anticipated to start in week 7 (mid-February).


The last of the cherries from Chile via sea freight has made arrival in the Middle East market. The market is anticipated to do well as Argentina is at the tail-end of their cherry season.

Market Prices (Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah)

India / Bangladesh


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